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Big Island JV

Big Island JV

“Thanks Rod for getting our boys back on the field!”

These boys came in with sprained ankles. Kaya (#44) came in with a bruised ankle bone and connective tissue damage. His ankle was quite swollen. He came in on crutches and left without them. In Kaya’s case, The swelling was gone completely after only two hours under the lights and we had him back on the field in less than 9 days with a total of only 5 treatments!

G (#4) had a more severe sprain (location-wise) and his foot was one big bruise. We treated him a bit longer. He came in on crutches and the next day his Father told me that G felt no pain and wanted to go to school without his crutches. His Father was on top of it however, and made sure that G did stay on them (good job, Dad!). G was off his crutches and eased back into the game much quicker than he would have been able to using Conventional Methods.

We have the ability to dramatically reduce healing time compared to traditional Physical Therapy! Pain/swelling reduction begins immediately while tissue repair and mobility start coming back right away as well. Our system increases blood supply/oxygenation, radically improves lymphatic system, grows new capillaries, and more! These are just some of the results that begin to happen in the first 20 minutes!

No Ice, No Braces, No Bandages!

Healing our Keiki at the speed of light!

Think you’ve heard of Photon Light Therapy before?

Not like this, you haven’t.

Big Island JV

Jogging and Biking!

Hi Rod,
So I’m jogging 15 minute miles on grass and NO PAIN!
Also, I’m fast-walking for 30 minutes 3 times a week and NO PAIN, complete flexibility!
Also I’m riding my mountain bike 2 times per week, no pain, no swelling complete mobility!
Next up for me is Surfing and I can’t wait!
Listen everyone – I have been injured and in pain for almost 4 years and this is the FIRST time I have been able to exercise without worry! Rod made the swelling go away with the first two visits and then we rebuilt the connective tissues over 8-12 visits – that’s about 2 weeks, are yo kidding me?!
Rod gave me my life back! Go see him!

CP in Kona


I had a right hip replacement in December 2016 and unfortunately a nerve was compressed and I have numbness on the outside of my right calf and through my foot (have a partial drop foot). I have had several treatments and have noticed a considerable improvement with my walk (gate) and balance. My numbness is less and cramps I was experiencing during the night have stopped. These treatments have done wonders for me (I have had other types of treatments but with less effect). Recently have started to get a light jog movement which is important to me as I am very athletic.
Rod is very attentive and listens to what the client is feeling. I would highly recommend “Medical Light Therapy” from the services offered by Rod. They can be so helpful for quick recoveries from minor injuries to more complex injuries to the nervous system and more. Thank you Rod for helping me feel positive and improvement with my compressed nerve. “N”


From the Owner


We are grateful to have you folks visiting us here at the Light Clinic, Mahalo!

Please note that we continue to supply as much information regarding this amazing technology as we can find. We recognize that many people want to see the science and the clinical trials along with the medical/scientific language.

For those who just want to get better now, we do our best to make it easy to book an appointment. We know that all we have to do is to get you under the lights, even for as little 20 minutes (which we call the “Spot Light Session”). Once we do that, you will feel something you have never felt before, and we are certain you will call upon us again!

“Just give it a try”

Feel calm and good because this healing process is not coming from drugs or surgery, and is completely safe. Your body is actually healing itself!

We are always available to discuss anything you like, simply call our toll free number which we answer 24/7.

Think you’ve heard of light therapy before?

Not like this, you haven’t.